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Business Growth & Acquisitions

A business can grow in two ways - either organically or by acquisition/merger. Arocon is able to assist you in both cases.

As part of our Business Review, we identify the areas where your organisation currently has problems which are hindering its development. These issues may, for example, relate to sales & marketing, finance constraints, information technology issues, poor quality management information, lack of strategic partnership or a number of other factors. Our Business Review is geared towards identifying the critical issues which are constraining your business and, once highlighted, we will propose solutions to overcome these.

Arocon is accredited by both the Institute for Independent Business and IBD Business Advice Group and accordingly has a vast pool of resources available to it which complement the skills of our internal team. These comprise specialists in every area of business who are known to Arocon and we are able to tap into this base as necessary, for both short or long term projects. Therefore, whatever your problem, you will be able to utilise a specialist for the duration that you wish - safe in the knowledge that you have not taken on the overhead and other complications associated with employing staff.

Business growth can be achieved relatively quickly through the acquisition of, or merger with, another organization. Arocon are specialists in this field and through our research capabilities are able to assist in the identification of suitable targets, whether in the UK or overseas. With the client's consent, we will then make the approach to these organisations, handle the negotiations and manage the proposed transaction through to a successful completion. We will even assist with post-integration matters, if required.