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Corporate Philanthropy

Arocon believes that the global business community, whether multi-national conglomerates or entrepreneurial owner-managed businesses, should raise both its level and quality of corporate philanthropy. Management should apply the same level of attention, care and discipline to philanthropy as they do to any other business function. When the business community finally begins to demonstrate pragmatic effectiveness and good stewardship in their philanthropic programs, society and business alike will stand to benefit greatly. Through innovative programs like those aimed at eradicating disease or raising childhood literacy rates, companies can not only make a difference to the world which provides them with a profit but also improve employee retention and heighten brand recognition. If all major organisations were committed to donating even such amounts which did not have a negative impact on shareholder return the total contribution from all sources would be dramatic.

In recognition of the above and the belief that every penny will make a difference, Arocon is dedicated to donating 5% of its annual net profits to charitable causes.