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Raise Finance

The availability and supply of appropriate business finance, whether by way of debt and/or equity, is often crucial for companies looking to accelerate their growth, yet attracting and securing finance in the current climate is harder than ever before.

Arocon is able to open doors to the right funding by:
  • assisting businesses improve their investment readiness
  • helping companies become more attractive to the sources of finance available in today’s market
  • explaining the differing forms of finance available, together with the benefits and disadvantages of each type, and determine what is the appropriate combination for your business. For example, your requirement could be fulfilled by way of asset finance, short-term working capital, invoice discounting/factoring, debt, equity, or any combination of these.
  • introducing clients to the appropriate sources of finance through our long-standing relationships with crowdfunders, business angels (domestic and overseas high net worth individuals), private corporate investors and financial institutions - banks, venture capital firms and private equity houses.
Growth Accelerator

Government funded assistance is currently available to help companies raise finance.

GrowthAccelerator is the new Government led service that helps ambitious businesses achieve rapid and sustainable growth.

It is a unique partnership between four of the UK’s experts in business growth, Oxford Innovation, Grant Thornton, Pera and Winning Pitch, and the Government's Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. It was formally launched by the Secretary Of State For Business, Vince Cable, on 23rd May 2012.

The Government has decided to help 26,000 SME’s raise £200m between 2012 and 2015 by providing Government funding to approved Business Coaches who will offer support and mentoring services to clients with the view to ensuring they are “investment ready”. The Access to Finance stream is designed to facilitate the route to finance by improving a company's financial proposals and introducing them to appropriate sources of funding through and an efficient and cost effective process. Paul Arora is a registered and approved Growth Accelerator Coach and promotes the service to Arocon clients.

To qualify for GrowthAccelerator, companies must be registered in England, employ less than 250 people and turnover less than £40m pa.

Should you wish to take advantage of this scheme or simply find out further information then do get in touch.


For smaller requirements Arocon has partnered with Crowdcube to assist companies raising sums from as little as £25,000. Founded in 2010, Crowdcube is the next generation of business investment. It is a new way to fund start-ups and business expansion by crowdfunding for equity, giving entrepreneurs a platform to connect with ordinary people and raise venture capital.

By attracting lots of investors who invest smaller amounts of money into a person, company, product or idea you can bypass the traditional ways of raising venture finance.

For further details on this possibility please click here .